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We treat our customers as a guest. A guest, in India, is considered as a representative sent by God. This is the basic principal of Shere Punjab.

Hospitality is embedded in Indian culture and Shere Punjab would like to extend you the same. You are invited to experience extraordinary Indian cuisine. Come try delicious exotic curries, fresh hot breads and discover for yourself the spices for which America was discovered.

The staff at Shere Punjab is dedicated to providing the best service and traditional hospitality. Hospitality is a living aspect of our culture, which is shown even to the migratory birds. Hospitality binds people together in bonds of love, it increases the circles of friendship and makes the atmosphere glow with human warmth. Not only do we pride ourselves in our traditional hospitality but we also feel we provide Indian cuisine that is second to none. Our extensive menu offers well prepared Indian food seasoned to perfection. Shere Punjab offers a classic, romantic, refined, elegant atmosphere to compliment your dining experience. We are confident your first visit will be a great experience and not your last.

You can't pass by Shere Punjab without enjoying traditional hospitality and delicious Indian foods.

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